Use the he Lap Seam foot #70 to produce lapped seams, otherwise known as flat-felled seams easily and precisely.

  • Lap seam has both seam allowances enclosed within the seam, which is secured with topstitching
  • Lap or flat-felled seams are often seen in sportswear such as blue jeans and men’s tailored shirts
  • Toes of this foot are designed for the lap seam formation
    • Square right toe acts as a guide and holds the folded fabric edge in place
    • Scooped toe on the left holds the lap portion of the seam in place when the second line of stitching is sewn
  • 4 mm foot makes an approximately one-eighth inch wide flat-felled seam
  • Use to make flat-felled seams in pants, jeans, shirts, and home decor
  • For Bernina domestic sewing machines that use feet tagged with red numbers

Additional information

Weight 0.12 lbs
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