Use Edgestitch Foot #10C for even stitching along an edge, such as when attaching a pocket or edgestitching a collar.  May also be used for topstitching or when adding decorative or reinforcing stitching to a seam.

  • Foot has a metal blade which acts as a guide when stitching along an edge
  • Guide does not extend through the center of the foot, which gives great maneuverability for curved edges
  • Can be used with straight or decorative stitches
  • Distance of topstitching from fabric edge can be varied by moving the needle position
  • Foot is coded so it can be recognized by machines with foot recognition capability, but can be used by machines without this feature also
  • Sewing techinques include, among others:
    • Edgestitching
    • Topstitching
    • Stitch-in-the-Ditch
    • Corded edge
    • Narrow Hem
    • French Seams
    • Entredeux
    • Belt Loops
    • Hong Kong Finiish
  • For Bernina domestic sewing machines that use feet tagged with red numbers

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